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Marcel van Kerkvoorde

Visual artist and initiator art- and cultural projects

This work is part of an ongoing project in which I make various artworks and exhibitions. Here I explore Europe and the crisis, and I associate from historical and political parallels with concepts such as simultaneity, inevitability, irreversibility, destiny and choice.


Since seven years Europa is facing a financial and real estate crisis and recently the Ukraine crisis took off. The parallels between the summer before the outbreak of the First World War in 1914 is quite often drawn describing the situation in the Ukraine


Around 1900, the major European powers rigged grand scenarios that should prevent suffering defeat during a military conflict. When Franz Ferdinand and his wife were murdered in Sarajevo there was a hot summer in Europe, sinking in a diplomatic nightmare resulting in mobilization and an inevitable war.


Today a hundred years later, the contemporary scenarios are tumbling over and over to defuse the crisis in Europe. We wonder how it all will end. Is it possible to see parallels between our time and the crisis in Europe a hundred years ago?


From this perspective, I made two paintings bringing them together in one installation. The wall on which the work is displayed is an important component and has a specially designed wallpaper, on which the paintings are shown of a soldier in a destroyed landscape. The paintings are loosely inspired by the desolate landscapes that we know from the first World War.


The wallpaper has a pattern of poppies applied. The poppy, the flower that is so fragile, from the poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ by John McCrae, is the symbol of the first World War. The pattern on the wallpaper looks like images from a botanical flora interspersed with captions and titles. Here they are replaced by names of battlefields around Ypres.


The paintings depict two young men, soldiers, English and German, Anthony Eden and Adolf Hitler. The rumour is they both simultaneously have been in the same sector of the front. They will meet later in the thirties as a statesman. They both bear their empire to the grave. Hitler dies in 1945 under the remains Berlin. Eden occurs after the débâcle of the Suez Crisis in 1957 as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and the British imperial empire ceased to exist.

In Flanders fields, installation

In Flanders fields, oil on canvas/installation


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