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Marcel van Kerkvoorde

Visual artist and initiator art- and cultural projects

Andre Pielage, Installation



At the Kunstfort, I was able to crystallize my vision of the organization, presentation and financing of contemporary art. Working together with artists from the Netherlands and abroad, who were offered working periods and exhibitions at the Kunstfort, we developed exceptional projects and exhibitions. A series of exhibitions resulted that also generated a collection of works by prominent artists on the grounds of the fort, which are always accessible to the public. In addition to a stimulating exhibition programme, I envisioned a model of growth and find it important that works of art are always on view. The Kunstfort currently permanently hosts a stimulating collection of works of art.



I worked from 2002 as a curator in eighteen exhibitions with the following artists:


Peter Alma (1886-1969), Atelier van Lieshout, Danai Anesiadou (GR/B) & Alexandra Bachzetsis (GR/CH), Sven Augustijnen (B), Paul Baartmans, Guy Bahir (ISR), Maria Barnas & Germaine Kuip, Maura Biava (I), Floor Bos, Matthijs Bosman, Ronald de Ceuster, Tom Claassen, Robbie Cornelissen, Anno Dijkstra, Stan Douglas (CAN), Chris Evans (UK), Andrea Fraser (USA), Ryan Gander (UK), Simone de Groot,



Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen

The Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen Centre for Contemporary Art has been an important part of my development as an exhibition curator. In 2001, the opportunity arose to transform an old, neglected fort outside the village of Vijfhuizen, west of Amsterdam, into a contemporary art centre, with studios and living spaces for artists, exhibition spaces and a restaurant. After four years of preparations and restoration, the centre opened in May of 2005. The Kunstfort has exceptional indoor and outdoor exhibition space with enormous potential, an excellent environment for exhibitions.


My task was to develop a direction, an artistic policy. Management within the organization and setting up the Kunstfort’s business plan were priorities. I was responsible for setting up both artistic and administrative policies. In 2005, I agreed to fulfil these functions for two years, and in July, 2007, I was succeeded by Mark Kremer as curator and Dorine van Delft as coordinator.

At the start in 2005, I indicated that I was going to fulfill these functions. or two years. In July 2007 I transferred my responsibilities.

Houten Mannen
Silver lines, Installation Ronald de Ceuster

Harm Hajonides, Marijna Hazen, Loes Heebink , Laura Horelli (FIN/D), Hans van Houwelingen, Hiroshi Inanaga (JP), Kyoko Inatome (JP), Saskia Jansen, Twan Janssen , Alevtina Kakhidze (UA), Ivo Kamphuis, Natasja Kensmil, Evelien Krijl, Meiro Koizumi (JP), Frank Konincks, Krijn de Koning, Jaap Kroneman, Gabriel Kuri (MEX), Gabriel Lester, Laurent Liefooghe (B), Shuo Liang (Ch), Joep van Liefland, Ingrid Mol, Andre Pielage, Antonis Pittas (GR), Daniel Pflumm (D/ZW ),

Michelle Provenzano (USA), Nicole Raufeisen/Ryan Witt (Vancouver/Can) Sean Snyder (USA/D), Dieuwke Spaans, Pim Trooster, Hester Oerlemans, Ronald Ophuis, Jan Rothuizen, Peter Spaans, Klaas van der Veen, Serge Verheugen, Roy Villevoye, Mieke van de Voort, Jan Maarten Voskuil, Barbara Visser, Voet en Bisscheroux, Stan Wannet i.s.m. Jarno van Es,  Maria Zervou (Gr)