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Marcel van Kerkvoorde

Visual artist and initiator art- and cultural projects

Anno Dijkstra, Installation
Playtime, installation
Een genoeglijk gemis, installatie

Creating an inspiring environment

It is important to me to develop activities that reinforce the cultural infrastructure in our environment. I undertake initiatives to create these connections and structures.  At the Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen Centre for Contemporary Art, I worked with an enthusiastic group of people on the realization and development of the Kunstfort.


As a board member of the Gemengd Bedrijf Foundation, I have thus far organized three major art events in the Haarlemmermeer region. In addition, I focus considerable attention on educational development in the visual arts, developing course material, workshops and guided tours for museums, cities and towns and other organizations, as well as for the Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen Centre for Contemporary Art.

Don’t shoot the piano player, gold leaf, silver leaf, oil on metal, wood
Andre Pielage, installation

Fiat lux


The exhibition is part of an ongoing project in which I make various artworks and exhibitions. Here I examine the current European crisis and I associate from historical and political parallels with concepts such as concurrency, inevitability, irreversibility, destiny and choice.





After four years of preparation Kunstfort Vijfhuizen opened in May 2005 in the doors. I made three times a year program  and we have organized two exhibitions in the preliminary preparation.